About us

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Freiburg, Germany, FIFTY2 is a constantly growing start-up and think tank for world class researchers and engineers. The first product, PreonLab, is a particle-based simulation software for free-surface fluids which is unique in its ease of use, high performance and visualization capabilities. PreonLab is productively used by more than 50 companies in 12 countries.


Our Vision

By pushing the boundaries of simulation possibilities, we transform the engineering process allowing to craft sustainable, more innovative and safer products at lower costs.

Our Mission

FIFTY2 transforms engineering by creating software that…

…minimizes time from question to insight.

…maximizes insights.

…is enjoyable to use.

Founder Story

In 2007, our co-founder Markus Ihmsen started the research of his PHD degree in the area of physical simulation at University of Freiburg. Driven by the fascination of efficient and accurate simulation of fluids, he programmed the roots of our PreonLab software together with other PhD-/ students. One milestone was the cooperation with Disney PixarAnimation Studios. Soon after that the software caught attention of a company from the automotive sector. Ihmsen and his team realized the potential of the particle based software and its niche.

„We have realized that our research has a market potential.” M. Ihmsen

In 2015, after 8 years of research and achieving his PhD, Markus Ihmsen together with his research colleague Jens Cornelis and the support of the university founded our company. But to find an appropriate name was a hard challenge. Next to some other genius names they were thinking about to name the company after their place of origin, the university building 052.

So, FIFTY2 Technology GmbH was born and together with Andreas Henne and Christoph Gissler, Markus and Jens started to create a wave around particle-based methods.

Since then, more and more global players, primarily from the automotive sector, have been using PreonLab to efficiently and resource-sparingly examine the impact of fluids in the prototype phase. Compared to conventional software, our customers reduce time and costs enormously due to the fast calculation time. In addition, they also get an easy-to-use tool to create simulations, calculations and videos after a short introduction by themselves. Problems can be identified and fixed early and the research and design process can be completed more quickly. Learn more about PreonLab!


“PreonLab offers an enormous time advantage over conventional CFD methods (…) only a small amount of manpower and time has to be invested in geometry preparation and cross-linking.” Merkle & Partner


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FIFTY2 works to create a company culture that sustains an innovative working environment with flat hierarchies, freedom and flexibility. We still have and live our start-up mentality. Our employees are strongly encouraged to bring in their own ideas, participate in decisions and be part of the development. We empower each other to bring unique perspectives and work experiences to the team.

At FIFTY2 foosball is as important as good coffee for effective and efficient working. We also love cooking together and enjoying the kitchen and flavors from more than 9 different nationalities.

“I appreciate working with my skilled team and living our feedback culture.” L.-M. Baier


Faces of FIFTY2

In our new interview series our employees give an insight into their work at FIFTY2.
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