Faces of FIFTY2

Max – CFD Engineer

// Introduce yourself

Hey, my name is Max Flamm, 28 years old, I have a master’s degree in aero- space engineering and work in my special field as CFD engineer at FIFTY2 since March this year (2020).

// Describe what is your job at FIFTY2.

I’m mainly working as a CFD-Application Engineer to support our clients all over the world by their challenging tasks. Besides this, I also validate our CFD solver with scientific benchmarks and create showcases for commercial purposes.

// What’s the coolest thing about working at FIFTY2?

I love our regular cooking sessions and the vibe of not just being at work, rather being part of the group of specialists who develop the best simulation software possible.

// What is it that you like the most about working in your team?

For sure working with my team colleagues. We have a great dynamic and atmosphere in our team. Furthermore, I like the variety of the complex tasks which we are facing every day. I enjoy facing these new challenges and thinking about them from different angles, exchanging opinions and debating on different approaches with different Teams.

// And finally, tell us something about yourself others may be surprised to know about you.

I like Game of Thrones. OK that’s maybe not surprising as many people like the TV show, but I like it so much that I read all 10 (in English 5) books.