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PreonLab has enabled many of our customers to accelerate their virtual development process thanks to its efficient simulation capabilities and ease of use. As a result, users run more simulations, analyze more variants, and produce more data than ever before. Keeping track of this increasing amount of data can become quite difficult and time-consuming.

By importing PreonLab simulation scenes into PreonDock, individual simulations can be organized into projects. Users can schedule simulation jobs on their computing clusters, monitor their progress, compare scenes, analyze results, and stay on top of all their simulations.
All this is possible through a web-based interface accessible through a browser from anywhere and for anyone with access rights.

PreonDock Features

  1. Data organisation and search
  2. Simulation management
  3. Split views for data comparison
  4. Job management & monitoring
  5. Access for non-experts
  6. 3D scene viewer

Project Creation and Simulation Scheduling

Effortlessly create custom projects in PreonDock without duplicating your data. Regardless of where your data is stored, PreonDock consolidates it in one convenient location. Improve collaboration by adding users, setting permissions, and sharing projects with your team. You can also include detailed descriptions within each project to highlight important information and minimize confusion. Additionally, you can start simulations directly from PreonDock by accessing your existing PBS or Slurm cluster, and filling in any necessary parameters.

Please agree to the transfer of data to third parties as set out in our privacy policy.

Video 1: Project Creation and Simulation Scheduling

  1. Organize PreonLab scenes into custom projects
  2. Add information to projects with labels and descriptions
  3. Start simulations directly from PreonDock

Project and Simulation Management

Efficiently tracking all simulation runs is crucial for productive work. PreonDock allows you to add labels and descriptions to each variant, ensuring that your simulation data is well organized. With the search function, users can easily locate relevant information using keywords, labels, or key properties.

Additionally, the main project overview page consolidates all simulation data, providing a comprehensive view for monitoring simulation progress. This overview simplifies tracking multiple runs, enhancing convenience and efficiency in managing simulations.

Please agree to the transfer of data to third parties as set out in our privacy policy.

Video 2: Project and Simulation Management

  1. Advanced search function for keywords and labels
  2. Easy data organization
  3. Monitor multiple simulation runs easily

Scene and Results Comparison

PreonDock offers exceptional usability for comparing multiple scenes. Its intuitive interface allows users to seamlessly inspect and compare two or more variants simultaneously. Users can easily compare scene setup, and post-processing results and rendered images side by side. This significantly streamlines simulation management by reducing errors, facilitating easy result analysis, and saving valuable time, especially when dealing with numerous variants.

Please agree to the transfer of data to third parties as set out in our privacy policy.

Video 3: Scene and Results Comparison

  1. Compare scene setup and find differences
  2. View 3D results, simulation statistics, and images side-by-side
  3. Analyse and compare results across different variants

Team collaboration

With all the data accessible from PreonDock in one location, collaborating with your team becomes effortless. Share the link with your team members, and they will be directly taken to the content you wish to share with them. Whether it’s scene setup details, the latest simulation results, or newly rendered images, they can all be shared easily with just a link.

Through this capability, PreonDock brings the whole team together and facilitates collaboration involving all relevant stakeholders – engineers, decision-makers, and even managers. By setting proper access permissions, everyone can access PreonLab data from anywhere.

Please agree to the transfer of data to third parties as set out in our privacy policy.

Video 4: Team Collaboration

  1. Centralised space with all PreonLab scenes
  2. Share links for direct access to results and data
  3. Accessible to every team member from anywhere
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