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Minimize the time from question to answer! Solve your hydrodynamic problems already in the design stage with our fluid simulation software PreonLab and the revolutionary PREON® technology. Whether novice or CFD expert – our easy-to-use interface is intuitive for everyone.

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Motorworld Böblingen, July 11th

Join us at PreonDay 2023!

We are excited to announce that FIFTY2 and AVL Germany invite you to the first PreonDay at Motorworld in Böblingen!
This day will be all about PreonLab and the PreonLab Community, you, the Preoneers.
See exciting presentations from customers in areas like automotive, HPC and white goods and tune in for a hands-on workshop as well as insights and news about our next milestone: PreonLab 6.0. Learn the latest features and tips and tricks of PreonLab 6.0 directly from the experts and developers.

Register now for free for our live-event and be one of the exclusive 52 participants!

Latest release

PreonLab 5.3 Released

PreonLab 5.3 is out now! It improves upon features from previous releases and adds some useful new features. As always, our focus is on improving reliability, performance, and usability.
Here are some of the highlights:

  • Pathlines: This release adds more options to accurately select and track fluid in regions of interest. This includes tracking particles passing by geometries in a specified time interval.
  • Airflow import: PreonLab 5.3 can better handle volumetric data saved to the Ensight Gold format and seamlessly integrates the airflow data into the simulation domain.
  • Thermodynamics: PreonLab 5.3 introduces a new heat capacity modifier, which enables thermal simulations with solids to reach equilibrium faster. This is handy for thermal applications where the results from the steady state are the focus of the analysis.
  • Usability & Workflow: Users can now track their action history for a single session and jump between two states with just a click of a button in the action log, which is a dedicated tab in the PreonLab GUI. This release also improves the plot dialog performance making it possible to consider an even larger amount of data for analysis than ever before.

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The combined use of virtual prototyping using PreonLab and testing is an efficient approach in the development of lubrication and cooling concepts for e-axles. It efficiently supports us in achieving our goals in terms of functional design as early as possible.
Christian Dassler, Vice President - Product Group Electric Axle Systems, Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG
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