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August 23, 2023
Jan Viher

“No wind blows in favour of a ship without direction.” This wisdom resonates deeply with our journey at FIFTY2, as it emphasizes the importance of having a clear vision. From day one, our direction at FIFTY2 has been unmistakable – to develop the ULTIMATE simulation tool. This is the story of how it is done.


The Destination

Developing the ultimate tool is a challenging task that depends on consistently getting many aspects right. Our compass guiding us toward the ultimate CFD software is built upon three fundamental development pillars: efficiency, reliability, and usability. These pillars provide us with a clear sense of direction, influencing every decision, innovation, and advancement we make.

Through this meticulous decision-making process, we have not merely developed the required models and algorithms, but our focus was also on achieving a high level of effectiveness and performance, making the code exceptionally efficient. The pursuit of excellence has been at the core of our development journey, resulting in a CFD tool that has changed how modern SPH (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics) software is used in the engineering industry.

What is the catch?


There are numerous explicit and implicit SPH formulations available on the market. However, their results vary greatly. PreonLab’s implicit method (IISPH), with its distinct implementation, has a proven track record of outperforming others in both accuracy and overall performance. This demonstrates that not all SPH variants are equal, and some are simply better than others.

Additionally, particle refinement and coarsening algorithms have become standard features within the industry. Nevertheless, the devil’s in the details, as subtle nuances can make a world of difference. PreonLab introduces a revolutionary advancement in this field through its implementation of Continuous Particle Size (CPS). This remarkable feature continuously refines and coarsens particles in every simulation time step, resulting in more accurate and efficient simulations than conventional methods. In addition to that CPS also improves usability by enabling new features such as proximity refinement, which would not be possible without continuous refinement in every simulation time step.

Such efficiency innovations add-up and when combined with the GPU support this results in simulations that are a staggering 100 times faster than they were just 5 years ago. This means more simulations, more insights, and more time savings!

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Pinion speed: 5225 RPM
Tangential velocity gear: 20 m/s
Hardware: RTX 4090
Number of particles: 4.34 million
Physical time simulated: 1,52 s
Simulation time: 28 hours 

Validation done right


Efficient software is mandatory for achieving short simulation times, but it is equally important that the results remain accurate. PreonLab has been thoroughly validated against various industrial and academic benchmarks to ensure its reliability. For example, validation of flow in confined volume was done using well known lid-driven cavity use case. To assess pressure-induced flow, we employed the Poiseuille flow benchmark. For those interested in thermal subjects, we also conducted comprehensive testing. Thermal conduction was validated using a composite wall use case and if you’re delving into e-mobility, this e-motor cooling article holds invaluable insights.

Through such validation studies and others, PreonLab has demonstrated its reliability and accuracy in reproducing real-world physics and delivering dependable simulation results. This ensures that engineers, researchers, and designers can confidently use PreonLab to make informed decisions and predictions for a wide range of fluid dynamics and thermal applications.

Easy as a breeze


The last crucial aspect of the ultimate simulation tool is its usability. It is more than just making software look appealing or user-friendly. It is about maximizing its potential while reducing obstacles that could hinder work. This starts with a short learning curve and onboarding, allowing all users to adapt quickly. Basic training usually takes just a day!

With a range of tools and features accessible through a user-friendly interface, you can easily set up simulations, define parameters, and visualise results. Using PreonLab, even the most complex simulation scenarios are completed quickly. Watch the video below to observe how easy model preparation is done. To learn the complete workflow of setting up a vehicle water wading simulation, refer to this article.

Please agree to the transfer of data to third parties as set out in our privacy policy.

In the end, usability is about minimizing the time between asking and understanding. This lets you focus on what is important – the engineering that guides decisions and product design.


Getting it right

Today, PreonLab offers an extensive range of features, including support for multiphase simulations, heat transfer, GPU acceleration, a rigid body solver, a snow solver, and many others. However, our journey to create the ultimate CFD tool goes beyond merely checking off feature lists. Each piece of this puzzle must be refined, tapping into the potential of other features to elevate their performance. Through the synergy effects of these innovations, the ultimate simulation tool takes form.

With more than 70 companies using it worldwide, PreonLab is the leading SPH tool in the automotive industry. It is validated, reliable, and due to its excellent simulation efficiency, it offers the shortest time from a question to an insight.

Our users utilize it in various stages of product development processes. Whether it is in early concept design, rapid prototyping, design optimization, or in production leading the design, PreonLab proves efficient and effective.


Our journey ahead

As we proudly reflect on our journey toward creating the ULTIMATE simulation tool, our team is already hard at work on the next PreonLab innovations. In engineering, just like in many other fields, having the right tool is essential for success. Skillset and effort alone are not enough. Engineers need the right tool, just as a sailor relies on the right ship.

And so, to all the dreamers, innovators, and creators, we offer this insight: when you set your sights on greatness, remember the words of wisdom – “It does not matter how hard you row. It matters which boat you get in.”

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