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We want to educate young talents on a particle-based approach to fluid simulation from the very beginning of their studies. Whether through inspiring lectures and workshops, in an engaging internship or a thesis.
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The lab is our favorite court. At FIFTY2, we are focusing on the R&D of our of cutting edge solution for virtual engineering. Born out of the university, research is in our DNA. We love to connect with academia and are open to any kind of scientific collaboration: guest lectures, seminars, hands-on workshops, student projects etc.

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Preonlab has a very user-friendly GUI that enables students to quickly become familiar with it and learn the basics of particle based simulations. We particularly appreciated the various tools available for post-processing as well as the scene rendering. In particular the interface to python programming is extremely valuable, which allowed us to explore the full capabilities of the software. Overall, we highly recommend PreonLab to everyone who wants to make his first steps into a particle-based simulation tool.
Dr.-Ing. Rainer Koch
Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
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