Dr.-Ing. Rainer Koch

// How it started

The co-operation with FIFTY2 began in 2018 during an informal meeting of the scientific communities in Baden-Württemberg working with SPH, where we came in touch with Dr. Markus Ihmsen, managing director of FIFTY2. In January 2019 we invited Dr. Ihmsen for a seminar talk at KIT.

// From Student to Employee

Almost at the same time, one of my former master students Mr. Shreyas Joshi joined FIFTY2. The subject of his master thesis was the prediction of the liquid atomization of an air-assisted spray nozzle using the SPH code developed at the Institute of Thermal Turbomachinery (ITS). Presently he is acting as Team Lead of Application Engineering. In 2020 another student, Mr. Jing Tai Tune began his master thesis which was jointly supervised by the ITS and FIFTY2 on the implementation of wall functions into their software PreonLab. After completing his master thesis, he joined FIFTY2 in 2021, too.

// FIFTY2 at KIT

We thank Dr.-Ing. Rainer Koch for his report and are looking forward to our next collaboration.

In the collaboration with FIFTY2, there is always an interchange of scientific progress related to the SPH method. This for example is reflected by the talk of Max Okaschevski of ITS, who introduced his new ideas about the similarity of SPH and LES to the scientific staff of FIFTY2.

In September 2022, the software lab „SPH in the computational fluid mechanics” was held at the Institute of Thermal Turbomachinery for the first time. This course is a unique opportunity for master students to get in touch with the SPH method. The fundamentals of SPH were covered comprehensively, and the students were able to run simulations for different cases including free surface and two-phase flows, such as dam break, gear lubrication, pipe flows, and droplet collision. The seminar featured two different softwares, PreonLab and turboSPH, which provided the students with hands-on experience and helped them to better understand the concepts taught in the seminar. Overall, the seminar was a valuable experience, and it was highly recommended by the students.

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