Powered by PREON®

The PREON® technology is the result of many years of research with one goal: Finding a new approach for fluid simulation that allows for physically accurate simulations in unprecedented resolutions. With PREON® at its core, PreonLab allows simulations with large time steps without compromising on simulation quality. Moving geometries are handled without expensive re-meshing. Finally, PREON® employs highly efficient data structures and full parallelization to get the best performance out of modern CPUs. There is no need for dedicated hardware – PREON® works well with any modern multi-core desktop PC and scales with an increasing number of cores. PREON® means less computation time and faster answers.

Computational efficiency offers no benefit if the final simulation does not match reality. This is why we invested a lot of effort to validate PREON® in cooperation with our partners. Visit our showcase for more information.

Handles any geometry gracefully

With PreonLab, there is no need for preliminary meshing of geometries. There are no prerequisites for the involved geometries or their complexity. The fluid simulation can be performed with volumetric and non-volumetric objects. Even overlapping geometries with holes do not pose a problem when working with PreonLab. Therefore, PreonLab significantly reduces the initial effort for the simulation setup.

Another key advantage of our mesh-free solver is the efficient handling of moving or animated geometries – highly dynamic scenes usually simulate at a similar speed compared to static ones. Object kinematics can be set up directly in PreonLab or imported via Alembic or MSC Adams.

Wetting analysis for a complex geometry using a wetting sensor (red) and camera clipping on a region of interest.

Pathline analysis showing the flow of fluid.

Gain insight

PreonLab empowers the user to get the most out of the simulation data with integrated plotting and a large variety of different sensors. This includes the projection of fluid attributes on planes and meshes, force analysis, fluid volume analysis, pathline analysis, wettings analysis, and more.

All sensors can operate efficiently as a post-process without the need to resimulate. For instance, you may notice after simulating that the fluid reached an unexpected region on your geometry. With PreonLab, you can now analyze the flow of the fluid in that region using a wetting and a pathline sensor without running the simulation again.

Advanced visualization

With PreonLab, you can directly render the surface of volumetric particle data without the need to generate a mesh. This allows you to create beautiful videos from your simulations very quickly that are perfect to communicate your findings to others. PreonLab also supports physically based refractions and reflections, resulting in spectacular and realistic renderings. Checkout our showcase for videos generated with PreonLab.

Velocity-colored water rendering.
Realistic water rendering.