Water Management at Audi

February 19, 2020

The automotive world is changing. In order to keep up with the challenges faced in the context of digitalization, Audi established the simulation of water in the development process.

In the beginning of this century the Audi portfolio had five segments with different models. From year to year, new model lines were added to meet growing customer needs. Currently, the automotive industry is faced with new challenges in fulfilling the criteria for sustainability and climate neutrality, resulting in even more models with various new types of powertrains, such as hybrid or the e-tron.


The Challenge

In a changing world, the automotive industry has to be agile in order to satisfy the customer and to be cost effective and resource efficient.

For Audi, digitalization and simulation are key drivers on this journey and working with novel methods and technologies helps them to stay ahead. In the area of water management, they use our innovative meshless CFD solution PreonLab to detect problems in the early stages of production and to solve them without the necessity of a physical prototype. As a result, the development process is shorter, more sustainable, and time and cost saving.

You can see some examples of PreonLab being used in this presentation created by Audi.

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Watermanagement at Audi ISC



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