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Watch the PreonLab 5.2 Release Event

June 03, 2022
Jens Cornelis, Markus Ihmsen, Loïc Wendling and Aju Abraham

This is more than an arbitrary release! Join us to celebrate the release of PreonLab 5.2 and be the first to learn about the new features.
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PRESENTERS: Jens Cornelis, Markus Ihmsen, Loïc Wendling, Aju Abraham

Jens Cornelis


0:00:00 Intro video
0:00:52 Introduction talk
0:04:57 Agenda

Markus Ihmsen

This is PreonLab 5.2

0:05:48 The PreonLab Simulation Cycle
0:07:17 Statistics, Presets, File Import and Non-Uniform Particle Simulations in PreonLab 5.2
0:11:43 Challenges of Non-Uniform SPH
0:13:08 Preon Solver History
0:14:42 Introduction to Continuous Particle Size (CPS)

Loïc Wendling

Multiphase & Thermodynamics

0:22:30 Improvements to Multiphase with PreonLab 5.2
0:24:18 Multiphase – FZG Showcase
0:26:21 Multiphase – Jet in Crossflow Showcase
0:30:17 Improvements to Thermodynamics with PreonLab 5.2 – Arbitrary Heat Field
0:32:52 Impinging Jet Benchmark for E-Motor Applications
0:37:09 E-Motor Cooling Improvements
0:42:12 New Temperature-based Density

Aju Abraham

Water Wading

0:43:14 Wading : Applications and Insights
0:45:35 Previous Car Suspension Model (CSM)
0:46:44 New Suspension Model in PreonLab 5.2 – Vehicle Simulation Model (VSM)
0:48:02 VSM Workflow
0:50:58 VSM Water Wading Showcase with new CPS refinement and Results

Jens Cornelis


0:52:52 Thank you for joining!



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