PreonLab 4.3 Released

November 02, 2020

With PreonLab 4.3 we have just released the last update for our 4.x lifecycle. This release is again packed with great new features that will help you to enjoy your daily work with PreonLab even more:

  • Keyframe Looping: This will lift keyframing to the next level. Keyframe looping makes defining recurring motion a pleasure.
  • Volume Source: In PreonLab 4.3 you can now specify the exact amount of fluid that needs to be generated inside a geometry. The improved Volume Source will do exactly what you tell it to do.
  • Performance: We have improved the scalability of some components that previously didn’t perform optimally with many cores and many MPI nodes. Most notably, this includes local refinement, multiphase simulations, the snow solver and the implicit viscosity solver.
  • Usability: We turned searching statistics in the Plot Dialog from beast to beauty and added the ability to choose for the unit of a specific statistic. You will also enjoy the improved workflow when selecting multiple objects in the Property Editor.
  • Snow Solver: Presets ahead! With the new snow presets you can choose from several different snow variants. Furthermore we have been working on the performance of the snow solver – make sure you fastened your seatbelt.

Furthermore, PreonLab 4.3 also introduces improvements of the Airflow import, the Car supension model, the Heat Flux sensor and many more. Check the changelog for a comprehensive list of all the great stuff you can expect from PreonLab 4.3.

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Keyframe Looping

Things tend to repeat themselves. This also holds for many moving objects in engineering, such as the crank and piston in a crank case. With PreonLab 4.3 we introduce a new way to define recurring motion directly in the Keyframe editor. By specifying the exact time range of keyframes that needs to be repeated, this becomes easy and enjoyable. Of course, the fans of our scripting API PreonPy can enjoy the same level of convenience using the updated functions.

Please agree to the transfer of data to third parties as set out in our privacy policy.

Keyframe Looping

Volume Source

Fitting particles in a container is the same kind of complicated as fitting your stuff in a hatchback but PreonLab 4.3 has you covered and does the packing for you. When filling a specific volume of a geometry the Volume Source in PreonLab did a great job, especially if the challenge was to fill up to a specific level. With PreonLab 4.3 we introduce the new “max volume” feature which enables you to specify the exact amount of fluid that needs to be generated. The Volume Source will automatically take care to fill the volume and stop sampling it with particles as soon as the specified “max volume” is reached. We are sure this will make setting up, e.g., gear box simulations even more efficient and reliable.

Please agree to the transfer of data to third parties as set out in our privacy policy.

Volume Filling


With PreonLab 4.3 you will be able to work even more efficiently with the simulation data and getting the best out of the Plot Dialog. Choosing the unit for a specific statistic will help you to create even more tangible graphs. When searching for a specific statistic, you can now just use the new text filter – this means less time for searching and more time for getting insights.

The Property Editor in PreonLab 4.3 introduces a new workflow when having selected multiple objects. If the properties differ from object to object, all property values are shown now. And changing single dimensions of a vector for multiple objects at once is now just one click away.

Snow Solver

The claim that Eskimo languages have an unnatural large number of words for snow is an urban legend and not really true (check Wikipedia for more information how this myth came to life). However, there ARE many different types of snow that you might encounter and that can, e.g., influence your design decisions regarding where to place sensors and how those sensors are exposed in the surrounding parts. PreonLab 4.3 introduces a couple of presets for different  types of snow that will help you to decide on a specific behavior of the snow you are about to model.

Furthermore, the Snow Solver has been optimized even more for performance. Winter is coming soon and we have you covered.

Other Changes

Check out the changelog for a full list of changes. To learn more about the new features, have a look at the updated manual. We hope you will enjoy working with PreonLab 4.3 and as always, we would appreciate your feedback.



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