Virtualizing Vehicle Water Management and Soiling

March 30, 2022
Jan Viher

Water management is an important aspect of vehicle design. It includes everything from soiling and wading to splashing and the impact this has on the vehicle’s aerodynamics. Even the vehicle’s windshield wipers are part of it, as is the investigation of possible water infiltration.
The effects include not only dirty windshields and vehicle bodies, but also contamination of ADAS/AD sensors and even deformation of the vehicle’s exterior surface. So it represents not only an aesthetic issue, but also a safety risk.



Currently, water management studies are mainly conducted using physical tests. With virtual testing, you can track and predict water paths even before a prototype exists. This ranges from vehicle surfaces to complex enclosures.

While traditional CFD simulations are hardly applicable due to the underlying modeling complexity and extremely high computational costs, SPH-based software represents an efficient and reliable solution for a wide range of water management applications.

In this webinar, Jan Viher will show you how our meshless approach in PreonLab enables a simple, more intuitive, and easier-to-use workflow, considering the full geometric complexity.

• Address water management and soiling simulation challenges to meet required performance and safety targets before prototypes are available
• Leverage fast turnaround times by using powerful post-processing and visualizations to gain useful insights.
• Learn how virtual testing maximizes engineering insights and enables data-driven, early decisions
• Influence the design before the first prototype to avoid late-stage rectifications and expensive design changes

DATE: April 7, 2022 11:00 AM CEST

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