Webinar on Demand
Using Particle-Based CFD Simulation to Virtualize Vehicle Body Development

July 30, 2020
Jan Viher
Vehicle water wading and rain water management are two of the main liquid-dominated vehicle body problems which, instead of performing high cost real-life experiments, can be simulated in a virtual environment. Addressing these challenges in a virtual environment requires in-depth engineering expertise and a powerful yet efficient computational tool. Virtual development provides additional insights and makes design variants possible early in the design cycle. During this webinar you will discover what makes AVL’s solution ideal for these kinds of engineering challenges, and how simulations can be a real alternative to testing.




Key topics and takeaways

  • Learn the benefits of vehicle water wading simulations in the development process, and how they can save you time and reduce test costs
  • Understand the advantages of the SPH approach over conventional grid-based solvers for free-surface flows
  • Find out why AVL’s SPH code PreonLab is the ultimate tool for vehicle water wading applications
  • Get additional insights into water ingress, water quenching, wetting of components and drainage analysis
  • Get ideas for other liquid-dominated engineering challenges in which particle-based solver tools excel


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