PreonLab 6.1 Release Event
January 23rd, 2024

December 21, 2023
Jens Cornelis, Andreas Henne and Loïc Wendling
Preoneers rely on the fact that with every new release, PreonLab aims to enhance your simulation experience by increasing efficiency and reducing the memory footprint for simulations. We firmly hold this at the core of our vision towards developing the ultimate simulation tool. We are glad to announce that version 6.1 takes a great leap towards realizing this goal as it extends GPU support for many PreonLab features and introduces multi-GPU capabilities.

What to expect

GPU simulations will now benefit from increased efficiency with dynamic sampling, as well as the advanced particle refinement and coarsening made possible by Continuous Particle Size (CPS). Make use of the Car Suspension Model and import Airflows to increase the realism of your simulations and simulate more materials using the Snow Solver – all of this with a mighty GPU boost. Moreover, with the new multi-GPU capabilities of PreonLab on your side, you can be sure to tackle the most extreme simulation challenges without worry! 

Not enough? – The new version will additionally include a new convective Boundary Condition for thermal applications, a reverse driving script for wading simulations, and so much more….
Every new year is like a new game of chess – make the right moves and you win the game. Start 2024 the right way by tuning in to the release event. 
Catch up with all the updates and make sure to simulate the right way with PreonLab 6.1!

Who & when?




January 23rd, 2024, 9:30 A.M. CET, 60 min
January 23rd, 2024, 6:00 P.M. CET, 60 min

Make sure you have your login data ready in time to join the event when it starts. 

Key topics

  • Extended GPU support: Continuous Particle Size (CPS), Dynamic Sampling, Snow Solver, Airflow Import and Car Suspension Model (CSM) on GPU for enhanced efficiency and realism
  • Multi-GPU capability: Transcend the memory limitations of a single GPU card and scale over to multiple GPUs
  • Additional features: Convective Boundary Condition, Reverse Driving Script.


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