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How to Cut Gearbox Lubrication Development from Days to Hours

January 18, 2020
Markus Ihmsen
Do you want to develop your gearboxes faster and more cost-efficiently? Do you need to avoid unnecessary losses caused by the oil sump, optimize the lubrication of the bearings and improve the cooling concept? Then don’t miss this webinar.


PRESENTER: Markus Ihmsen


The prediction of the oil flow in a fast rotating gearbox is one of the most demanding tasks in numerical fluid mechanics (CFD) as complex geometry meets complex physics and complex dynamics. For standard, mesh-based CFD approaches, intensive manual effort goes into geometry preparation which is followed by uneconomical calculation times, making the use of simulation unprofitable here as the results come too late in the development process.

In this free, hour-long Automotive World webinar, Markus Ihmsen, Managing Director at FIFTY2 Technology GmbH will outline how innovative companies like Schaeffler Technologies could reduce their simulation cycles for high-performance electric axle systems from weeks to overnight with PreonLab, the innovative mesh-free CFD solution developed by FIFTY2 Technology GmbH.



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