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AVL Virtual International Simulation Conference 2021

June 10, 2021

Technological changes in the automotive industry are no longer just rapid, they have become exponential. Keeping up with the ever-accelerating pace is the key to your success. When you must optimize for cost and speed at the same time, the role of numerical simulation over the entire development process cannot be overestimated.

Make sure you are up to date with the industry’s latest simulation technology news and trends and register for the AVL Virtual International Simulation Conference, taking place from June 22 to 24, 2021 – free of charge.


The AVL Virtual International Simulation Conference is only a few days ahead. You can join remotely to listen to leading industry representatives talking about the most advanced simulation solutions.

Learn more about how the presenters from Audi, Valeo, SAIC Motor and Great Wall Motors encounter complex challenges with PreonLab:

Topics with PreonLab

CFD Simulation of a Vehicle Driving in Snow
D. Bäder, S. Eibl, C. Wolf, A. Oliva, P. Kolar, Audi AG, AVL Deutschland GmbH

Splash Lubrication Simulation of a High-Speed Ev Reducer Using a SPH Tool
A. Levillain, Valeo

Virtualizing the Effect of Oil Splash Shields on Gearbox Lubrication Behaviour
M. Braunstingl, G. Szalai, M. Leighton, H. Bansal, G. Fuckar, AVL List GmbH

Simulating the Oil Flow in Complex Gearbox Designs
A. Oliva, AVL Deutschland GmbH

Investigation on Wading Simulation of Vehicle Air Intake System
H. Yansheng, C. Zhang, Power Accessory R&D Department of Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd.

Virtual Testing for Vehicle Water Management and Soiling
S. Saric, J. Viher, AVL List GmbH, AVL AST d.o.o. Slovenija

Wading Simulation Research of a BEV car using PreonLab
H. Chen, S. Li, H. Zuo, SAIC Motor

Analysis and Improvement of Vehicle Snow Management with PreonLab
X. Zhang, Power Accessory R&D Department of Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd.

Securing vehicle development with particle based CFD simulation – PreonLab for vehicle applications
J. Cornelis, FIFTY2 Technology GmbH



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