Faces of FIFTY2

Saba – CFD Engineer

// Introduce yourself

My name is Saba Golshaahi Sumesaraayi, born in 1990. I’m a mechanical engineer with a master’s degree in computational engineering. I work as a CFD Engineer at FIFTY2 since May 2018.

// Describe what is your job at FIFTY2.

Validating our particle-based CFD solver against well-established benchmarks, working in a close connection to the development team in testing new features as well as supporting PreonLab users are my most important tasks at FIFTY2.

// What’s the coolest thing about working at FIFTY2?

Working, cooking and playing table football together with all those nice and talented people are definitely some of the coolest things about working at FIFTY2.

// What is it that you like the most about working in your team?

The way amazing ideas and solutions flourish, sometimes within a very short time, during discussions with each person sharing a unique perspective is definitely among those nice things I like the most about working in my team at FIFTY2.

// And finally, tell us something about yourself others may be surprised to know about you.

I love beats and rhythms and have got ears very sensitive to them.