Faces of FIFTY2

Alhajras – Software Developer

// Introduce yourself

My name is Alhajras Algdairy, I’m 27 years old and a full-time software developer at FIFTY2, currently working on web based products. I joined the company in May 2020.

// Describe what is your job at FIFTY2.

At FIFTY2, I am developing and maintaining a web-based software, where some of the tasks deal with the frontend (designing how the user interface should look like), other tasks are in the backend (implementing the functionality of the frontend GUI), some tasks can be IT infrastructure this deals with running and configuring different servers to support the products at FIFTY2.

// What’s the coolest thing about working at FIFTY2?

Simply the vibes here, I don’t feel like it is working, it is more like a hobby where all people share the same interests to deliver a cool innovative product, trying new technologies, and trying new approaches that make it exciting.

// What is it that you like the most about working in your team?

The diversity that improved our teamwork, where each team member has the power to contribute and bring something new to the table.

// And finally, tell us something about yourself others may be surprised to know about you.

I have a black belt in Kung fu, let’s keep it this short.