Faces of FIFTY2

Thomas R. – Software Developer

// Introduce yourself

My name is Thomas Rinklin. I’m 33 years old and a software developer at FIFTY2. I joined the company in September 2016.

// Describe what is your job at FIFTY2.

I would say the main thing I work on is PreonPy. At least that’s the main thing that’s publicly visible. Internally I also work a lot on tooling, like our test framework making sure PreonLab behaves according our expectations and on our build pipeline.

// What’s the coolest thing about working at FIFTY2?

Working with all those excellent people here at FIFTY2, who challenge and support me in software engineering … and in cooking and table football, both things we do a lot at FIFTY2 :-D.

// What is it that you like the most about working in your team?

I really like the challenge software development provides me. It is always about understanding the system and the feature you want to add. And then combine everything in a way that is fast, extensible and easy to understand.

And of course, seeing people using and enjoying the features I developed or were involved in. So please keep telling us what you do with PreonLab and specifically with PreonPy.

// And finally, tell us something about yourself others may be surprised to know about you.

I love music, both listening and playing. There are actually a couple of instruments I’ve played in my life. Starting with the trumpet over to guitar and drums. Currently I still play drums, and I’m learning a little bit of piano when I come to it. Also, electronic sound synthesis is a topic I’m very interested in.