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Crankcase Sloshing

The aim of a good engine housing design is to ensure a sufficient oil supply to the oil pump, even during extreme driving maneuvers. If this is not the case, the engine parts are lubricated unevenly which might lead to insufficient lubrication in certain areas and to increased friction in others. The former could lead to structural changes in the long run and ultimate failure of the engine, the latter reduces the efficiency of the engine. PreonLab predicts the oil distribution for arbitrary test scenarios before a first engine prototype is even built. In the following case, you can see the effect on the oil distribution caused by an acceleration and a subsequent braking maneuver in travel direction.

CAD model: Rami Chraiti

Schaeffler Customer Success Story: Shorter Development Cycles Through Virtual Prototyping

The Schaeffler Group is developing electric axle systems for hybrid- and fully electric cars. When Schaeffler Technologies needed to understand and optimize oil distribution in their electric axle gearbox, they chose PreonLab, our Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation tool. PreonLab efficiently supports Schaeffler in their goals in terms of functional design as early as possible.

With its meshless approach and extremely fast solver, PreonLab enables a short pre-processing, no meshing and a superior simulation time. Thereby, different lubrication concepts could be analyzed on the virtual prototype, choosing those designs which yield the best cooling, weight and efficiency of the system.

More information here.

Is it possible to increase the added value in prototyping?

Merkle & Partner GbR sees a decisive advantage for their CFD simulations in PreonLab.
In the German journal Konstruktion & Entwicklung, Merkle&Partner qualifies our software, PreonLab, as an evolutionary leap compared to regular CFD methods and states that the gridless calculation method accelerates the geometry preparation and meshing significantly:

„Einer der entscheidenden Vorteile liegt in der Erweiterung unseres M&P Öl-Sim Simulationsbaukastens durch die Simulationssoftware PreonLab. Hierdurch konnte ein Evolutionssprung gegenüber herkömmlicher CFD-Verfahren erzielt werden. Damit nutzen wir ein gitterloses Berechnungsverfahren, wodurch die Geometrievorbereitung und Vernetzung erheblich beschleunigt werden kann.“

Read the full article here (German).

Transmission Oiling at Merkle & Partner

Merkle & Partner favors PreonLab for transmission oiling as for them “PreonLab offers an enormous time advantage over conventional CFD methods (..) only a small amount of manpower and time has to be invested in geometry preparation and cross-linking. (…) Photorealistic representations as well as effective postprocessing possibilities are further advantages of PreonLab.”

Read the full article here.

Rigid Body Simulation Showcase

Our particle-based rigid body solver can handle concave and very detailed geometries, is multithreaded and optimized for integration with the PREON fluid solver.

In this case, only the blue gear is keyframed while the others are simulated. This further simplifies the model setup for gearbox simulations. 

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PreonLab at CFD Schuck

The assessment of oil spray cooling systems for electric machines is improved by taking heat transfer phenomena into account during the CFD simulation:

CFD-Schuck Infobrief 2018/1 (german)

Gearbox simulation is a challenging topic in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). Read what CFD Schuck thinks of PreonLab:

CFD-Schuck Infobrief 2016/4 (german)